Comfort ≠ Quality

I am currently sitting on my bedroom floor (which is in desperate need of a vacuum) leaning against my sister’s bed in a rather uncomfortable position. I usually end up here, with my back against a metal bed frame, after I have failed to write anything even remotely close to intelligent while sitting comfortably. 

This is the place of last resort—where I sit after I have tried to write on every topic I can possibly think of. So, I have no option but to work in such a way that is physically tiresome, force myself to write something “good” and not move until I have finished. The odd thing is that this is the place that I have written some of my best blog posts (yeah, no, this is definitely not one of them)! 

The moral of the story: comfort does not equal quality. 

You should really read Donald Miller’s post. He inspired me to be uncomfortable when I write. 😉 


2 thoughts on “Comfort ≠ Quality

  1. I think this parallels life sometimes. There are some really good, beautiful, amazing things that require us to go through a lot of discomfort to get to. But oh so worthwhile!

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