English Major

The question I was asked most during my senior year of high school was, “what college are you going to?” I got good at answering that question (along with the why and how), right around the time I went and graduated.

Well, now people are curious about what my major is. I’ve got the answer to this one down—English. HAHA! *fist pump* But then they hit me with the follow up, “what are you planing on doing with that?” 

Aaaaaaaaaah!!! I don’t know!!! Leave me alone!!!!


An English major has stereotypically become the description for the kid who says “I don’t know what I English-majorwant to do with my life, but I like to read and write (and I hate math), so what the heck! I’ll major in English!” For some English Majors this is not true at all, but in the spirit of full disclosure I will be honest and say that this is partially true for me.

When it came time for me to declare a major, I was completely distraught. Torn between Biblical Studies, Journalism, and English, I sat down with my dad just crying about what to do. In fact, I was so confused that I thought about ditching all four of those ideas and going with a BS in Business because it would be practical.

My dad, knowing me very well, promptly discounted that idea and gave me the best advice I could possibly ask for: “Pick the major that has the most number of classes that you will enjoy.” My stressed shoulders came down from my ears. It was so freeing. He gave me the permission that I wouldn’t give myself—to learn what I wanted to learn.

A few days later I walked into my dad’s office, gleefully smacked a degree fact sheet on his desk and declared myself an English major. He started laughing hysterically. I asked “What?!” Between laughs he said, “Oh, it’s just that that is the worst major you could choose for getting a job right now.” Before I could start crying again, he stood up and gave me a big hug, “But it’s what I want you to do. I don’t want you to be stuck doing something you hate. This is good.” 


English-Major-2My dream job is to eventually be a wife and a homeschooling mother who writes on the side. The first two parts of that career (wife and mother) are not things that I can really plan for; however, I can make plans for writing…hence the English major.  

While God is the only one who knows what my vocation will be, I have hopes to expand this blog, write books, freelance, as well as teach and tutor in writing. It is around these hopes that I am choosing my classes, my reading, and my mentorships.

Currently, I am beginning the process of writing my first children’s book. This story, inspired by real life events and relationships, has been in the back of my mind for the last 6 years and I believe that now is the time to start working on it. My ultimate goal is to have this book ready for publication by the end of 2014. So all I have to do is write the book, get an artist to illustrate the book, and a publisher to publish the book. Easy, right?

While this project might not seem typical of an English student, it is something that I am passionate about. More importantly, the story that I am writing is fulfilling a greater vision that I have of encouraging and inspiring others to draw closer to the Lord.

I guess we’ll see what happens!

 “I’m just going to write because I cannot help it.” ~ Charlotte Brontë


4 thoughts on “English Major

  1. I can so identify with this, Emily. Especially the desire to be a wife and homeschool mom but knowing I can’t plan for that. I did get at Business degree, but that was mostly because I wanted to start my own business before I got seriously into writing, so it made sense for me.

    Don’t be discouraged about the job market. The more I learn about the writing industry, the more options I find for an English major. Editor, Agent, Writer, copywriter, freelance editor… So, yes, don’t be discouraged. God’s got a plan.

    • Hello Leah! Yes, I am continually seeking confidence in Christ, and not in the state of the job market! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I really appreciate it! Continued blessings to you on your journey!

  2. Okay. That made me cry!
    It’s EXACTLY what I am going through. This was really encouraging to me! I want to do the same thing, and I am also majoring in English with the same goal.
    I’m excited about your book! You go, girl!

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