Organized Mess

My life—composed of school, work, family, friends and ministry—is relatively busy, but it is not half as busy as my mind is. To be sure, my mind is busy because of my life, but my point is that there is a lot of thinking and growing going inside my person that is not necessarily visible to the world outside.

I am making life decisions, not about school, work etc., but about who I am and who I want to be as a person.  It’s really not as deep as it sounds. Essentially, God is walking me through many lessons about self-control, patience, trust and strength. Like I said, a lot is happening and I have a lot to process.  It is good; I am growing so much.

Currently, I have a list of about 10 blog post ideas (all related to the things I am learning in life right now) in an Evernote document on my computer.  My plan is to begin writing on each of these ideas in the coming weeks—one at a time. It will be my way of learning to articulate the mess of thoughts that seem so organized in my own mind.

Oh, one of those lessons I’m learning is how to follow through on my own goals. *cough* I guess we’ll see how this goes!


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