Save The Storks

47 million children have been aborted—murdered—since 1973. 47 million. That is not just a number, it is representation of lives that were cut very short, while millions of people looked on in approval or indifference. 47 million.

I realize that the pro-life vs. pro-choice issue has become somewhat of a dead horse in the United States public arena, but that is the problem—it has become just another voting issue that Republicans use to prove they are conservative. Pro-life is a stance that we take and do not back with action. That is, aside from checking a little box on our ballot every two years. This discussion of abortion is something that is constantly philosophized about by Believers, who then focus their time and attention on making their views government legislation. Meanwhile, millions of women a year make the choice to abort their child, and no law is going to stop them from making that decision. This sounds rather dark. It is dark.

If Christians truly have the desire to lessen the statistical numbers of abortion, then we need to change our approach from legislative to relational and evangelistic. The only way clinics are going to shut down and stay down is if the “doctors” don’t have any customers. We need to address the women at a personal one-on-one level about their decision, and then pray that we can be God’s tool to leading them away from making that choice to abort their child.

Being realistic though, how do we go about this? Walk up to random women on the street and say, “Hi! Are you considering an abortion? If so, don’t do it! And by the way, Jesus loves you.”? Hardly. I really did not have an answer to the question of “how?” until I came across a ministry called Save The Storks. Save the Storks is “a  pro-life nonprofit dedicated to saving mothers and babies” that  “build[s] fleets of mobile ultrasound units (called Stork Buses) that pregnancy centers can park outside of abortion clinics.” These buses are equipped with an ultrasound machine, a comfortable, warm , welcoming set up with couches, tables a little kitchenette and a few loving people. Groups from churches and crisis pregnancy centers go and park this bus outside of abortion clinics and make the effort to reach out to girls and women before they can get to the door of a Planned Parenthood. They offer help and support by asking the woman if she would like to get an ultrasound free of charge. From there, they simply love on the woman by giving her help, answering questions and sharing the Gospel in a non-threatening environment.

That is what I love about Save the Storks—they head off the first step on the path to abortion by getting to the woman before she steps foot into the abortion clinic. Save the Storks seeks to reach the heart of a scared and needy woman who is desperately in need of someone to tell her of Salvation through Jesus Christ. In the end, that is what is going to stop the awful, gory reality of rampant abortion—more Jesus.

Christians, I am talking to you. We should know better than to go to the government to solve these sin problems in our culture. God has called us to bring justice to the fatherless (Isaiah 1:17) and to go into the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus (Matthew 18:18-20). I challenge you to take the time to educate yourselves on ministries like Save the Storks. Consider contributing to their ministry financially and/or volunteering. My personal dream is to eventually see one of these Stork Buses in my own city, in the parking lot of Planned Parenthood with people bringing life to children in need of an advocate, and women in need of a Savior.



2 thoughts on “Save The Storks

  1. Good points Emily. The last time I read research regarding abortion prone women getting ultrasounds, about 83% couldn’t go through with it once they saw that beating heart. No person is going to believe it is purely tissue after seeing that image. Two good things; clinics have decreased by the 100s every year in the last few years. And another good thing is that I saw a mobile utz bus in San Marcos at Ralph’s. The side said, “Think your pregnant? Find out right now.”

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