I’ll Be Back

One month. I did not think that it had been that long since I had posted. None of you (well, maybe one of you writers) can possibly know how much I have wanted to sit at my desk and write. I have a long list of articles I want to think about, research and then write. The fact that sickness, work, school and graduation prep has kept me from writing is a frustration in my life right now. I keep telling myself that after I get one more thing done I can get to the computer…and then one more thing gets added to my to-do list. By the evening I am so exhausted that reading a book or watching a TV show is a lot easier than trying to write. Truly though, all I think about as I drive, clean and work is writing. If you think I’m exaggerating, trust me, I’m not. It is really all I want to do.

So the blog isn’t dead, and it won’t die. Because even if I wanted to quit, I couldn’t. As Charlotte Brontë said , 

“I’m just going to write because I cannot help it.”

I’ll be back. 


2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back

  1. I’ve missed you and thought about you. You are in my prayers during this busy time of your life. God will provide the time for what He wants you to do – and when to do it.

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