Stupid Hard Life

I have this bad fun habit of getting stuck on GoodReads scrolling through pages of hilarious quotes instead of researching a quote for a paper like I’m supposed to be. Sometimes I’ll find a golden one-liner and save it in my notes for a future blog post.

This is such a time.

“Life is hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.” ~ John Wayne

In the area of John Wayne movies, I have not followed in my father’s footsteps (meaning I’m not a fan), however, I will admit that he did have some brilliant lines.

My initial interpretation of this quote was to think some people are just born stupid, thus life is more difficult forchoices them. Please note the use of the word “them” instead of “me” within that statement. The quote then made me laugh because it was making fun of someone who I was not—a stupid person with a rough life. A few months later I re-read the quote, and I came away with a different interpretation: life is hard, and you make it harder when you do something stupid. Note the “you.”

Well, that interpretation made the quote a little less funny and a little more real. Because while I may not be stupid, I sometimes do and say stupid things, and the consequences are usually in the form of a more difficult life than what I had before. For example, I was stupid to procrastinate with two of my most challenging subjects, and now these last few weeks of high school are going to be much harder than they would have been if I had stayed on top of my studies earlier on in the semester.

The blunt truth is that most of the problems in my life are my fault, and not someone else’s. Trust me, I would love to blame someone else, but the reality is that I am stuck with my own personal choices.

Take responsibility for your mistakes. Don’t complain about it. Learn from it. Move forward.


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