I used a history curriculum that described all of history as “a tapestry of grace.” Each period, in all of  time, is assigned a color of thread and woven purposefully into a massive, beautiful tapestry designed by the Father in his grace towards us.

tapestry 2I feel as if each of us have our own tapestry within all of history. The threads of our tapestry are different colors representing different periods or people in our lives; and some threads are shorter than others representing, perhaps, the amount of time spent in that period. Sometimes a new thread is incorporated in, adding a dash of color that we didn’t expect. Sometimes threads are cut, and it hurts, because that specific color of our tapestry meant a lot to us. Some parts of the tapestry are boring or mundane, others are bright and colorful.

My personal tapestry is only 17 years old but I can already see different threads going throughout my life. Some of them give me pain to look at and others make me smile and still more threads have come to a close, and I see the little design that they made on my life.

At this period of my life there are many threads being cut—high school, homeschooling, basketball, speech and debate. But there are also a lot of new threads that God has shown me little peeps of—college, job, writing, friendships, ministry.

Part of me is practically handing God the scissors to finish the threads off already so that I can start on the new ones! The other part is trying to keep hold of the threads before they are all used up. I have come to the conclusion that there is a healthy balance between the two: don’t hold on too tight, but don’t let go too quickly.

I love this analogy. It is much like the ‘life is a story’ picture, but I like new ways of describing things.


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