There is a sibling set of four boys and one baby girl who I watch with some amount of regularity. Each time I get an e-mail from their mom asking if I can come over, I get excited and count down the days until I get to go and “hang out” with them. I am dreading the day they’re all too old for me to come over—I always drive home with a big smile on my face. Supervising four boys creates a time of constant movement, action and hilarity. I love it. Water and nerf gun fights, jousting with baseball bats (don’t ask who came up with THAT brilliant idea *cough*) learning how to play poker, doing puzzles, hide-and-go seek in the dark, watching wrestling matches, initiating pillow fights (my bad), and talking Lord of the Rings/Tolkien. But I also love these boys and their little sister simply because of them. It is neat how they all look out for each other, love on their baby sister, help their mom out with the house and their younger sibling(s) and are willing to listen and obey instructions/requests I give them. These are special kids, and I am blessed to spend time with them.


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