Heaven and Earth

2292003655_aa7a7975abNo usage of the mind can possibly understand a place of no pain, heartache and evil. Our world is so saturated in ugliness that the existence of a place where only perfection, peace and joy exist is too great. Earth is just a muddy shadow of what is to come: Heaven.

God has prepared a place for us for when we leave our old bodies behind and inherit our glorified bodies. Oh the inexplicable joy that we shall experience at meeting our Savior face to face! Tears, tears of anticipation and awe. What a day that shall be.

But, we are yet here, in a place where pain and sin abound. Each day we struggle through temptation to walk away from the Lord. Each day we endure the hurt of losing someone in parting or in death. Each day is a battle to be won. But guess what? We know that our war ends in victory—Jesus wins.


6 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth

  1. Going home oh what will that be like, I do not know! For it is written we do know we will be like Him, Amen! Thank-you for this blessing your words is what my sole needed today. Many blessings, James

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