My Favorite Music

My brother has informed me that my writing has been a bit too serious of late and that I need to “lighten up” with a fun topic.

Okay, confession time for Emily: at the age of five my favorite song was Bye, Bye, Bye by N Sync.

How completely embarrassing.

musicI cannot believe I’m writing this on my blog for prospective employers and friends (ex-friends after they read this!) to see. I remember Mom switching through the radio channels in the car and I heard some part of the song that just sounded really cool to me and I asked her to stay on that channel. Seriously, I just thought that the way they sung “bye bye bye” sounded so awesome. Mom and Dad thought it was hilarious and I am still teased about it to this day. Yup—my first memory of liking a style of music and I like a boy band! *Sigh*

Just like everything else about me, you cannot put me into a box regarding my musical favorites. People ask me all of the time, “what’s your favorite style? Artist? Song?” First, I draw a blank on everything I have ever liked. Then, after a few seconds of silence I either say “I don’t know” or ask if they want my list in alphabetical order. I listen to pretty much every genre of music (except heavy metal and screamo—I’ll only listen to some rap and even then I can only handle so much before I turn it off).

M&S'sThat said, my #1 favorite style [currently] is Indie/Folk. I love the raw, natural beauty of the instruments blended with the [real] vocals of [real] people without the added auto tuning that so many artists use today.[1] Not only that, but these groups tend to put more depth into their lyrics instead of the repetitive junk that dominates the radio. The most popular example of this style is Mumford & Sons, who I listen to all the time. Their most recent album Babel has bred tracks that I often put on replay. Much of M&S’s lyrics have underlying Biblical truths, which is just awesome.

I have also found two relatively unknown Christian indie/folk groups that are now two of my favorites: Rend Collective Experiment and Jenny & Tyler.

Rend Collective Experiment is a group from a church in Ireland. Rend Collective’s message of who they are as a group of believers and their music and lyrics are inspiring and encouraging. Watch the video from the link!


Jenny & Tyler is a recent discovery that I am ecstatic about. Their lyrics are powerful and the blend of this couple’s voices is simply beautiful. I sincerely hope that more and more people will hear of them.


Happy Listening!

[1] Hehe-but I do listen to a lot of auto tuned stuff…like Owl City who is a favorite of mine. I know, I’m kind of a walking contradiction. 🙂


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