Erasing Hell

This is a post I just wrote for Books|Cuppas. 🙂 Comment with thoughts!

FC2I do not like talking about Hell. Really, I don’t…does anyone? The topic of Hell is not a discussions we relish; it is avoided as much as possible. Truly, it is hard to blame us. Hell is not a happy subject;however, in an effort to understand better what I profess to believe as a Christian I read Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle’s Erasing Hell: what God said a out eternity, and the things we’ve made up.

Over the course of reading this book I found myself enlightened, convicted and inspired.

Enlightened: While Chan and Sprinkle did not say anything that was the antithesis of what I already believed about Hell, I gained a solid understanding of what Scripture actually says of Hell. The authors provide specific passages and excellent analysis on the meaning of the verses. Erasing Hell’s birth was partly inspired by “Christian” leaders who are teaching that Hell does not exist. So, within this book’s pages are clear responses to these teachings–using the firm foundation of The Word. As a result of this specific information, I am better equipped to explain to others my beliefs, as well as defend attacks on my faith.

Convicted/Inspired: As the authors write, “We cannot afford to to be wrong on this issue.” What I believe about Hell, as a Christian, is serious–I believe that people who do not become reconciled to God though faith in Jesus Christ are destined to an eternity in Hell. My life should reflect that in EVERY WAY. I do not like to think about it, but people in this world have one of two destinations, and my purpose in life is to bring the message of HOPE in Jesus Christ to those who are headed in the wrong direction.

Hear me. You may not like the idea of Hell, but you need to be pretty darn sure of what you believe about it. This book is 200 pages and an easy (although challenging in thought) read–I read it 3 days between intense school, basketball and other activities. Please, get a hold of this book.


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