Love Come Down

I cannot fully grasp how much God loves me.

He knew me before I physically existed. He formed me into who I am as a person. He designed me to serve him in a unique way. He gave me life…and I chose death. I broke his heart. I spit on his gift. I wandered off and tangled myself in all the sin that the world offers; and with it I inherited suffering, pain and heartache. I went the way of permanent separation from the God who loved me.

But God’s love for me did not decrease in any way. No, in his compassion for my suffering he gave me yet another gift of life—a way out of ultimate destruction. He gave me the birth, the life, of his perfect son Jesus Christ.

God sent Jesus into this wretched world to live a painful life and die an awful death so that I could live with Him in eternity. Jesus endured ridicule, insult, physical pain, and rejection voluntarily on my behalf.

Joy. Joy in the everlasting and intense love that the Father has for me, for the world.


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