Bleeding at my Typewriter

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

~Ernest Hemingway~

I seek to be honest about who I am in my writing. My earnest desire is that what comes out on the page reflects my heart and my personality. Just as artists express who they are through their art work, I express myself through my writing. What I write here flows from how I feel and how I think. There is nothing quite like having the ability to put my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams and my convictions onto paper. It is a way of sharing who part of myself with others.

Sometimes, I hope most of the time, I write on my good side, but sometimes I let my semi-obnoxious, sarcastic side get the better of me (hence the post I wrote a few weeks ago. :/). Which gives me cause to simply pause for a moment and remember that every word I write is permanently in existence. I cannot take it back. Ever. Some things that I write may reflect my feelings in the moment, but do I want to be remembered for those words? My hope is that the words I pen (type) are words worth repeating. Worth–something that has value. I want my art, my work, my writings to be of value to people.

May my “bleedings” edify, encourage and uplift.


2 thoughts on “Bleeding at my Typewriter

  1. First comment– Does this mean I get the honor of first blood? 😉

    But seriously– thank you. I have been thinking of this extensively myself– ok, I admit, worrying about it. There’s so much heart in blogging, so much risk!

    So, thank you for encouraging, edifying, uplifting. 🙂

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