Tuesday, November 6th, 2012—President Obama wins the election for President of the United States.

Yes, four more years of HOPE and CHANGE from the man who has brought us to this historical time in our country: a time of unity, peace, freedom of speech, education and religion, safety and full confidence in the government.

Looking FORWARD to the years ahead, because I know that our booming economy will continue; that gas prices will stay at their currently affordable rate; where people will not look to color to decide how they vote/think; where I do not have to worry about any debt being on my back when I am married and have a family; where I can get easily get a job after I graduate from college in 2-3 years; where I know that my religious convictions will not be stifled; where I feel safe from the threats outside my country.  

I cannot tell you how excited I am. Thank you America. You made the right decision. A future of success is secure.

**Hopefully you caught the sarcasm and the irony here** 

People, pray for our country, pray for our President, pray for our Congress. I think that it’s going to be a rough four years. AND YET, while my view of the next four years is pretty gloomy in regards to politics, thank you Lord that my hope, my joy and my purpose in life is not found in politics or government. It is found in you alone. Can I get an “AMEN!”  please? 


6 thoughts on “Thrilled

  1. AMEN!!!

    Haha, ok, first I was like, whaaat? I didn’t know this about Emily….
    Ok, you got me. 😉

    Check out this video: it’s two minutes long and very encouraging! Just about how politics isn’t our hope, just like you said. It’s not a link haha– you gotta google search this– I can’t do links on my phone heeheehee.

    Two-Minute Warning: The Political Disillusion – YouTube

    • That is hilarious! 🙂 Yeah, I wanted to make sure people knew where I was really coming from.

      The video is excellent! Thank you for sending me to it! Professor Stonestreet is absolutely fantastic. I took a worldview course from him online a few weeks ago. 🙂 Highly recommended.

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