Not 18

13 years old: Woohoo! Officially a teenager!

14 years old: No. Way. High school! Aaaah!

15 years old: Ugh. I’m not 16.

16 years old: *fist pump* Driving! Yes!

17 years old: Whoopee. I’m not 18.

So, I’m really not that discouraged about just being 17. Okay, I lied, I am.

Hopefully you all realize that Tuesday, November 6th is just three weeks away, right? Right?!! How could anyone forget?

It’s time to vote.

We in The United States have been given the incredible privilege of choosing the kind of people we want running our country. Well, except for me…as all of my 18 year old friends (you know who you are…yes, ALL of you!!!) remind me quite often.

I am a voice without a vote.

Please, don’t forget to vote [wisely] on November 6th. How you choose to vote will change what my future looks like—for the better or for the worse.


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