Yay! It’s raining! Today I had the joy of wearing boots and leggings, the smell of wet rain on concrete, the sound of thunder drumming on my classroom’s roof, curling up with my studies and a cup of coffee, cooking a big pot of lentil soup, and…it’s RAINING!

I actually wrote this back in the fall of 2011 and I’ve wanted to post it, but not until a rainy day. Finally, (at least where I am) that day has come.


Rain, unlike its stereotype of dreariness and depression, sets a peaceful and romantic air to my heart. Because the shiny droplets of icy water are so rare, their presence brings a taste of creation that I do not regularly have the pleasure of experiencing. While curled up on a soft couch next to a sparking fire, the sound of water pounding on the roof, the hectic nature of life fades and a sense of calm and contentment take place.

Drawing a warm blanket over my body, sipping a mug of hot sugary liquid, inspiration drops in for a visit, and as it visits with me time seems to take a break, and studying is accomplished. Historic facts jump off the page, becoming real and understandable. The stories of the past make a place for themselves in my mind. Taking out a notebook and pen, I stare at a blank page and, in a way so unlike the norm, ideas come darting from my brain, to my hand to the pen and onto the page. The thoughts of theology, philosophy and literature cannot wait to be written another day! Soon descriptions, arguments, speeches and stories once blocked from the clean page are scrawled all over—leaving no room for white.

Looking out the window, I take a break from my musings. The rain, though transparent, the sky though gray, brought vivid color to my yard once so drab. A tree that’s bark when dry can only boast an ugly shade of muddy gray, is now a rich red – brown, accented by light shades of tan. Its leaves, usually dark with dirt, now glistened lime green and lemon yellow, a bright contrast to the dark bark. A box like structure hangs from the middle branch of this no longer ordinary tree. As it swung back and forth with the blowing leaves, I notice a bird poking its head out from the small hole in the structure’s side. This bird house, so rarely used, now protecting a family of birds from the storm outside.

I slowly turn my gaze away from the sweet scene and direct my mind back to my work. Picking up my language book, I mutter the foreign phrases to myself and I feel a connection to the words that I’ve never felt before. The world around me shuts itself out and amongst the drumming rain my brain grasps the complexity of the beautiful symmetry of language. My heart beats with excitement, it makes sense! It really makes sense! For the first time, mastery of a foreign language became possible.

I shiver and the cold enters back into the warmly lit room. I look to the fire: all that remains are coals. I untangle myself from the blanket, frustrated that my moment must be interrupted. I reach for the firewood, and throw it onto the coals. The flame rekindled I return to my cozy cocoon. Sitting down I look back out the window and my heart drops as the sun peeps out from the dark rain clouds drying up the temporary beauty and scorching my time of escape…making everything normal again.


13 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Lovely! And fun bit, there’s a name for one of our favorite smells – the pleasant scent of rain on the earth is petrichor… 🙂 I promise I didn’t make t up, though I might have if someone else hadn’t!

    • NO WAY! Oh my goodness! Thank you! That added a touch of awesomeness to my already amazing day! 🙂 I can’t believe there is actually a word for that smell…and that I’m not the only one who likes the smell in the first place!

  2. Aww Em that was great. I loved it. OMG I was SOOOOO excited when it started raining. I went out and stood in it… well til it started with the lightning… Darb and I we’re both super depressed when it stoppped. We share your pain =)

    • Oh, thanks Corey. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it. Ha-ha, us Californians and our over-excitement when something other than the sun comes down from the sky!

      • well yes, we’re just so spoiled by the sun. and yet we’re still so pale! how is that fair? hahahaha

  3. I love this Em, better than anything of yours I’ve seen. You’re definitely one of us — a rainhead. I suppose it may be genetic. Back in The Day — when consumer electronics hadn’t really been invented yet, a Tstm churned and rumbled over the LA basin — a rarity. I possessed a portable tape recorder — another rarity in The Day — took it out in the backyard, sat surrounded by dust puffs raised by the first big drops. Soon wet but well content.
    Kisses, G’pa

    • That is great Grandpa. I think it’s special how many of us have the same enjoyment in something as simple as rain. 🙂 Thank you for your compliment. I am so very glad that you liked it. I can’t wait to see you next weekend!

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