Little Blessings #2

  •  A 1 ½ year old (adorable) little boy  who calls me “Emmy” and loves to give me hugs and play games with me. Love that kid.
  • My sister and the JV volleyball team playing the best match all season on Saturday! Wow! Really exciting.
  • The new Mumford & Sons album Babel.SO GOOD.

  • Watching The Avengers for the second time!!
  • Laughing so hard that I can’t breathe.
  • Getting that random e-mail from a friend.
  • Calvin and Hobbes

  • Realizing (rather ashamedly) that while camping I ate like nothing healthy. Cookies, hot coco,more cookies, coffee, more cookies and some really sugary fruit cups. =P
  • Finding 5 raccoons in our Suburban while camping. Okay, so that was half freaky, but it made me laugh.
  • Running through the sprinklers holding the hand of a little three year old girl giggling with her the entire time.
  • That awkward point in the middle of a talk with a friend (over text or phone) when the conversation is pretty much over but I don’t want to stop. Example: you just say, “so, ya” or “okay” about 20 times back and forth!!!

  • Getting more and more excited about The Hobbit coming in December with each passing day!!!
  • That weird realization that I’m a senior in high school. It’s scary and really exciting at the same time!
  • Making my Mom laugh really hard!
  • Root Beer. I don’t drink soda often, but when I do, my favorite is root beer.
  • Going to my school’s football games and watching my brother play!!!
  • Swing dancing. (Even though I haven’t done it since the beginning of this past summer!)
  • Brian Regan. =P
  • My brother’s new nickname for me is ‘Sacred Bob.’ All of you Whovians will get that. Well, in the spirit of things, my two friends bought me a Starbucks and had the barista put ‘Sacred Bob’ on the cup.

  • Finally finding time on a camping trip to do a craft…I haven’t done anything creative with my hands in a really long time.
  • Writing something on the back of someone’s dusty suburban and getting weird looks from moms driving through the parking lot and THEN I spelled a word wrong *face palm* Yeah, feeling incredibly brilliant… 🙂
  • Getting a postcard with a beautiful note from a dear friend who moved away to college.
  • The time I get with my siblings as I drive them around to their sports activities.

12 thoughts on “Little Blessings #2

  1. By the way, you talk about Doctor Who a lot. Do you watch the classic episodes, or the episodes of the last few years. Just curious.

    • Hey Chris! Well, I’m kind of going backwards with Doctor Who. 😛 I’m watching the 11th Doctor right now (Matt Smith) and then I’ll move to David Tenant and so on. There is only so much process I can make on the weekends–no TV during the week. 😉 Have you watched any of them?

      • Not yet, I’ve been interested in the show for a long time, but I haven’t gotten around to watching them yet. I think I’d start at the beginning of the modern set, the 9th doctor I believe. It depends on what I can find in Cambodia though, I’ve seen series 6 (11th doctor) here, but haven’t looked to see if they have the others too.

      • Got it. 🙂 From what I understand I think all of the seasons from the 9th-11th Doctors are on instant Netflix, so you might be able to get in on there. 🙂

      • Well, unfortunately Netflix only works in America, so that’s not an option for me. 😉 But you have inspired me to finally go out and find it.

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