Hey Everyone.
This was written quite a while ago by Jasmine Baucham–an author, teacher and blogger. This had a huge impact on me at the time, and it just came back to me today. I’m taking that as a prompting to share it.


All She Has to Say

Skaters on a Pond Giclee Print

A girl wobbled onto the ice with her little brother in tow, wondering about the wisdom of taking him for an ice-skating trip on his fifth birthday, since, 1) she hadn't been ice skating in over ten years, and 2) what she did back then could hardly be construed as skating, since she'd spent most of the time sitting on the ice. She had three friends with her, though, helping her little brother along while she gripped the side railing for dear life. 

A teenage guy laughed at her panic when, after surreptitiously trying to let go of the railing for a split second, she panicked and grabbed on for dear life: "First time out on the ice?" he asked. 
He was about her height, stocky, with a purple streak in his hair, purple nail polish, and purple gauges in his ears to match. He had a genuine smile and…

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