Writer’s Block: It’s a Disease

I used to think that writer’s block was just a justification for people who didn’t have anything important to say so they blamed this invisible force called “writer’s block” that somehow excused their lack of discipline in writing. Ha! Now I understand what writer’s block really is: it’s a mental disease. More specifically, it is a mental disease where a writer has some deep, valuable and life-changing message to share and they just cannot to get it onto paper in an intelligent format! Instead, the writer finds this deep idea echoing off the sides of his brain unable to reach the pen and paper. It really is enough to drive a person crazy, hence, the mental disease.  🙂

I’ve been struck with this deadly disease. It’s painful. I have so many thoughts crowding my mind all clamoring loudly for my time and attention and then when I sit to put my message on the notepad I blank on everything that I want to say—all I get is a lame paragraph that makes no sense whatsoever (like this one).

As Isaac Bashevis Singer says, “The waste basket is the writer’s best friend.”  So in summary: I’m working on it.


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